Portfolio Allocation

Portfolio Allocation,

Portfolio Allocation means,

  1. Portfolio Allocation means: Number of assets in a portfolio designed specifically for a particular type of investment

Literal Meanings of Portfolio Allocation


Meanings of Portfolio:
  1. Large, thin, flat container for individual sheets of paper such as photos or maps.

  2. A set of assets owned by a person or organization.

  3. Designation and functions of Minister of State or Member of the Cabinet.

  4. Adhere to or commit to a job model that includes a series of fixed-term contracts and part-time jobs instead of the traditional long-term individual work model.

Sentences of Portfolio
  1. He is carrying a large folder with photos under his arm

  2. The best return for your investment portfolio

  3. Take over the Foreign Office

  4. Portfolio careers allow women to combine work and family

Synonyms of Portfolio

holdings, equities, binder, portfolio, ring binder, shares, securities, bonds, document case, investments, file


Meanings of Allocation:
  1. The act or process of assigning or distributing something.

Sentences of Allocation
  1. More efficient allocation of resources

Synonyms of Allocation

granting, administration, grant, issuing, assignment, awarding, allotment, issuance