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Porter Diamond,

Porter Diamond Definition:

  1. The Porter Diamond, called the Porter Diamond National Advantage Theory, is a model designed to understand the competitive advantage that a country or group gains due to certain factors and to show that it is global. How can governments run the country in a competitive business environment based on position? . The model was developed by Michael Porter, an expert in business strategy and economic competition and founder of the Harvard Business School Institute for Strategy and Competition. It is an active economic theory, not one that easily caters to the competitive advantage of a country or region. Porter Diamond is also called Porter's Diamond or Diamond Model.

    • Porter's diamond model illustrates the factors that can create a competitive advantage for one market or national economy over another.
    • It can be used to describe the sources of the country's competitive advantage and ways to achieve it.
    • Firms can also use the model to guide and shape investment strategies and activities in multiple national markets.

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