Definition of Portal:

  1. A website that serves as a portal or main entry point (cyber portal) on the Internet for specific areas or areas of interest. A portal offers at least four essential services: (1) search engine, (2) email, (3) links to other related sites and (4) personalized content. They can also provide features like chat, member list, free download, etc. Also called portal site or web portal.

Synonyms of Portal

Galilee, Front door, Cellarway, Hatchway, Bulkhead, Side door, Gate, Barway, Stoa, Postern, Trap, Door, Carriage entrance, Entranceway, Lobby, Doorpost, Foyer, Entry, Trap door, Gatepost, Gateway, Doorjamb, Porte cochere, Scuttle, Lintel, Propylaeum, Narthex, Tollgate, Archway, Entryway, Entrance, French door, Porch, Storm door, Turnstile, Threshold, Hatch, Entrance hall, Turnpike, Back door, Vestibule, Pylon, Doorway, Cellar door, Portico, Stile

How to use Portal in a sentence?

  1. I recently joined an adult basketball league, but I didn't know I didn't need a username and password until I opened the league's website portal.
  2. Educational sites serve as portals to other educational resources, not just through online games, printable worksheets, and lesson full lesson plans for teachers.
  3. When starting a business, it is important to have a great homepage that serves as a portal to everything you offer.

Meaning of Portal & Portal Definition