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When I enter the site, enter my ID number and save the password, I am taken to the security question settings page, but it says: To sort your questions and answers, you need to Your contact must first enter your confirmation answers. I don't know what that means or what to put in the confirmation response field. Can anyone help? Thank you very much!

If you have never logged in to GapWeb, please enter your registration ID and password as username and password to access the site. It's been a long time since I created my account. So if your login password doesn't work, use 8th in your rth (MMDDYYYY) to get sed. You must also create a security question containing the first 2 letters of your last name and your employee ID number. Example: Name: John Doe, Employee ID # 1234567. The answer to verification is do1234567.

After logging in, my page is the default NEWS page, where you'll find articles about GAP INC NEWS and Industry Watch (competitive information).

At the top of the site is the Payments and Benefits tab.

On this page you can see your personal data stored by the company. It also shows your payment history (if you accept changes to your payment rate), information on arranging a direct transfer and you can view your payment receipt, ... all very useful Information.

Most of the other information available is for Gap Inc headquarters employees, but there is plenty of interesting information for store employees interested in learning more about the company.

If you have a direct deposit, I recommend putting the paper aside and checking your payroll online. If you do not have a direct deposit, you can apply online every day except Monday as this is where the payroll takes place.

To stop using the paper, do the following:

1. After entering the portal, click on the Payments and Benefits tab.

2. Under Payments and Inventory, click Direct Deposit / Payment Card.

3. Click on the option to print proof of payment (in the middle of the page).

4. Click Do not send hard copies.

Just bring a check or payment slip. You will need a routing number, a DBA number and an account number. You can find them under your checks and pay slips.

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