Definition of Portability:

  1. Portability is a U.S. employee's legal right to maintain certain benefits when switching employers or leaving the workforce.

  2. Portability refers to an employee's option to retain certain benefits when switching employers. Some pension plans and health insurance have portability. Most 401(k) plans also have portability of benefits, as do health savings accounts (HSAs).

  3. Ability to carry a benefit, interest, or right (such as pension benefits) from one environment (such as a pension plan) to another.

  4. Ability of a software to run (with little or no modification) on different hardware and/or software platforms, or work with different versions of the same hardware or program. In general, software written in Java has this ability.

How to use Portability in a sentence?

  1. The code that is written for this software will need to have excellent portability to be compatible with all the current office hardware.
  2. Retirement plans are made portable through qualified rollovers into a new 401(k) or individual retirement account (IRA).
  3. This software had a lot of portability and could work on pretty much anything, which made me feel really relieved.
  4. Health insurance benefits are made portable through HIPAA legislation and COBRA continuation of coverage.
  5. The portability was useful in its application to various projects using different technologies, so we were happy with the deal.
  6. Portability is the option to move certain employee benefits along with you if you change employers.

Meaning of Portability & Portability Definition


Definition of Portability:

The right to transfer pension and credit rights when an employee changes jobs.

Meanings of Portability

  1. Ability to move or move easily.

Sentences of Portability

  1. Laptop portability