Definition of Port:

  1. General: Harbor equipped with cargo and passenger handling equipment, and which provides ship berthing facilities.

  2. Software: To modify or translate a computer program so that it can work on a newer or different machine, operating system, or with an older or newer version of the same program.

  3. A town or city with a harbor where ships load or unload, especially one where customs officers are stationed.

  4. Hardware: Connection point (interface) through which data can flow between a computer and a device, such as a keyboard, modem, monitor, mouse, printer. Commonly of two types (see parallel port and serial port), it is generally a socket into which a suitable connector can be plugged in.

  5. Trading: Place serving as a harbor, airport, or point of entry/export for incoming/outgoing shipments.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Port


Origin of word Port

Mid 16th century probably originally the side containing an entry port or facing the port (quayside) for loading.

Synonyms of Port

Seaport, Port city, Port town, Gospel side, Action, Actions, Activity, Acts, Address, Aerodrome, Affectation, Air, Air base, Airdrome, Airfield, Airport, Anchorage, Anchorage ground, Aport, Asylum, Avenue, Basin, Bay, Bay window, Bearing, Behavior, Behavior pattern, Behavioral norm, Behavioral science, Berth, Bird sanctuary, Blowhole, Bourn, Bow window, Breakwater, Brow, Bulkhead, Cantorial side, Carriage, Casement, Casement window, Cast, Cast of countenance, Channel, Chuck, Chute, Color, Complexion, Comportment, Conduct, Countenance, Counterclockwise, Cover, Covert, Culture pattern, Custom, Debouch, Demeanor, Deportment, Destination, Dock, Dockage, Dockyard, Doing, Doings, Door, Dry dock, Egress, Embankment, Emunctory, Escape, Estuary, Exhaust, Exit, Face, Facial appearance, Fan window, Fanlight, Favor, Feature, Features, Field, Floodgate, Flume, Folkway, Forest preserve, Game preserve, Game sanctuary, Garb, Gestures, Goal, Goings-on, Grille, Groin, Guise, Harbor, Harbor of refuge, Harborage, Haven, Heliport, Island, Jetty, Jutty, Lancet window, Landing, Landing field, Landing place, Landing stage, Lantern, Larboard, Last stop, Lattice, Left, Left hand, Left wing, Left-hand, Left-hand side, Left-wing, Left-winger, Left-wingish, Leftward, Leftwardly, Leftwards, Levorotatory, Liberal, Light, Lineaments, Lines, Looks, Loophole, Louver window, Maintien, Manner, Manners, Marina, Method, Methodology, Methods, Mien, Modus vivendi, Mole, Mooring, Moorings, Motions, Movements, Moves, Near, Near side, Nigh, Observable behavior, On the left, Opening, Oriel, Out, Outcome, Outfall, Outgate, Outgo, Outlet, Pane, Pattern, Physiognomy, Picture window, Pier, Poise, Pore, Port tack, Porthole, Portside, Pose, Posture, Practice, Praxis, Presence, Preserve, Procedure, Proceeding, Protected anchorage, Quay, Radical, Refuge, Retreat, Riding, Road, Roads, Roadstead, Rose window, Safe haven, Safehold, Sally port, Sanctuary, Seaport, Seawall, Set, Shipyard, Sinister, Sinistrad, Sinistral, Sinistrally, Sinistrocerebral, Sinistrocular, Sinistrogyrate, Sinistrorse, Skylight, Slip, Sluice, Snug harbor, Social science, Spiracle, Spout, Stance, Stop, Stopping place, Stronghold, Style, Tactics, Tap, Terminal, Terminal point, Terminus, To the left, Tone, Traits, Transom, Turn, Vent, Ventage, Venthole, Verso, Visage, Vomitory, Way, Way of life, Way out, Ways, Weir, Wharf, Wicket, Window, Window bay, Window glass, Windowpane, Wrong side

How to use Port in a sentence?

  1. The French port of Toulon.

Meaning of Port & Port Definition

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