Porque Soluçamos

Porque Soluçamos

Does anyone know why we decided?

Or which face or solution?

Or unnecessary contraction of the diaphragm or muscle relaxation, with or without breathing or irritation or without cold nerves or atheism. Or the fear may be that it will release adrenaline and activate other nerves. Another solution, the forbidden ice cream, will have a similar effect.

Ah, the basic answer is from our breaths that separate or

Chest: or diaphragm. When the movement of the diaphragm is formed and relaxed, we breathe in and out or in the air.

Or the diaphragm, the frontal nerve with the help of hair. This nerve is located above the abdomen and controls the movement of the diaphragm.

cold umaà umaƒÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂ࣠àor causes cold nerves to develop or loosen. I eat too much brandy or too much food, too hot, too cold or too much, or with a bloated stomach because I'm too close to the cold nerve, that is, to make it sensitive, like the operating system enters the dust. But what

Either the nerves are cold, itchy, or the diaphragm contracts. With it, we breathe in the air. Or problems when the stomach suddenly disappears and does not leave it orally on the lungs. It causes a downward or vocal sound and solitude. This gluten dating is free in Nusa Wade. It is usually open for paging and taken out when we eat. If the gluteus is open, it usually attaches to the lungs, or you don't want to say it, or the solution will run out. This is when the Frank's nerves or back work normally.

People or even breasts can be the solution! Usually solved or, it happens several times in a row and plays in a few minutes. Most stimuli flush a day or so. This burden is tiring, I feel pain and I get tied up. If this happens, see a doctor.

Or the solution resulting in unnecessary muscle stimulation in relation to breathing is an inspiration and short for breathing, or not compatible with the respiratory cycle.

* The campaign gave me 10 mine points!

Porque Soluçamos