Porque De Pergunta é Junto Ou Separado

Porque De Pergunta é Junto Ou Separado

Why together or separately? ۔

It depends on how you use it. There are 4 different possibilities, the example of each command is given below.


نہیں ¢ I don't know because as much as I know whys.

€ € Therefore © گرد around the noun.

How many are in Portuguese?

There are four reasons.



You never know why.

What do you leave


What do you want to know for this sound?

Why do you want to go there

You don't even know why he did that.


Wam doesn't work because it's there.

Why are you studying Because I like to study.

Because life is not for anyone.

It depends on the meaning of the sentence.

Made a separate first: Why are you here?

She shared: Because I want to live here.

I heard?

First: separately. I don't do it as a carat, I don't finish (or context) as a carat.

why did you do this?

If you did, why not?


Answer: Together. It usually spins when someone looks after the article (/ os / an / us) as it spins.

Because i want

You know why, you're so smart.

If he wanted to do that, he had to have a reason.

Porque De Pergunta é Junto Ou Separado