Pork Barrel

Pork Barrel,

Pork Barrel:

  • Meaning of Pork Barrel: An American political term for the use of government funds for US projects that benefits certain local groups or voters and positively represents their political representation.

Literal Meanings of Pork Barrel


Meanings of Pork:
  1. Having sex.

  2. Avoid overeating.

  3. Pork is used for food, especially if it is not processed.

  4. Summary of pig barrels

Sentences of Pork
  1. Fried pork

  2. Many foolish projects, dirty government and corporate welfare are taxed.


Meanings of Barrel:
  1. Run or move so fast that you almost lose control.

  2. Place in a watt or barrel.

  3. A cylindrical cup curved in the middle, traditionally made of a wooden stick with a metal ring around it.

  4. A tube that is part of an object, e.g. B. gun or pen

  5. The stomach and kidneys of four-legged animals, such as horses.

Sentences of Barrel
  1. When the brandy goes into the barrel, it absorbs some of the aroma

  2. Grapes are cooked in old barrels.

  3. Gun barrel

  4. Welsh mountain pony with wine bottle-like barrel

Synonyms of Barrel

flash, charge, whizz, pin, go like lightning, race, career, tub, cask, pipe, spank along, kilderkin, fly, tun, sprint, bolt, hurtle, scud, hurry, scurry, butt, whirl, vat, dart, zoom, scramble, sweep, hare, go hell for leather, stampede