Pork barrel spending

Pork barrel spending,

Definition of Pork barrel spending:

  1. The act of using government funds on local projects that are primarily used to bring more money to a specific representatives district. Basically the politician tries to benefits his/her constituents in order to maintain their support and vote.

How to use Pork barrel spending in a sentence?

  1. The playground complex was nothing more than an attempt at pork barrel spending by the incumbent, as election time was near, and he had to pander to the voters for the best chance at keeping his seat.
  2. Sometimes you may be able to get some pork barrel spending to come your way if the politician thinks it can help him.
  3. The pork barrel spending occurring in the area was unprecedented as the politicians had never been close in voting competition before.

Meaning of Pork barrel spending & Pork barrel spending Definition