How To Define Pop-under?

On computers, ads, etc., they are behind the displayed web page and only when the page is closed.

Literal Meanings of Pop-under


Meanings of Pop:
  1. Make a slightly explosive sound.

  2. Going somewhere for a short time, often without warning.

  3. (A person's eyes) pop or swell when they are open, especially a sign of surprise.

  4. It looks brighter or brighter than different or complementary colors.

  5. Take or inject (medicine)

  6. Farmer (something)

  7. (From scout) hit a popfly.

  8. Light and explosive sound.

  9. Carbonated drink

Sentences of Pop
  1. Broken eyelids and shiny glasses

  2. He came to see if he could help

  3. The man's eyes widened in disbelief

  4. She added a layer of lipstick to sharpen her dress.

  5. At first, there were only a few explosions, maybe a gun

  6. I like to wear neutral clothes with a yellow touch.

Synonyms of Pop

boom, snap, bang, drop in, explosion, drop by, visit, crack, go off with a bang, go off, explode, stop by, drop into, go, drop round, carbonated drink, report, go bang, soft drink, fizzy drink, burst


Meanings of Under:
  1. Extended or straight down.

  2. At the lower level.

  3. Less than (a certain amount, rate, quality or age)

  4. Be controlled, managed or controlled by

  5. In action (action)

  6. An extension of something or below it

  7. Submarine

  8. The following refers to the lower part or surface of an object.

Sentences of Under
  1. A stream flowing beneath a melting glacier

  2. Room under your desk

  3. Slightly lower than 2.8%

  4. The country is now under martial law

  5. Under construction

  6. Passing the body through the bars, up and down, up and down

  7. It took a while, but it suddenly fell

  8. The bottom of the bowl is concave

  9. The operation is fast, takes only 15 minutes

Synonyms of Under

smaller than, in the process of, lower than, beneath, less than, not so much as, down, receiving, downward, not as much as, underneath, undergoing, below, lower