What is The Meaning of Pooling?

Polling is a system in which a large number of people take out group insurance to reduce insurance costs. In short, group members who are considered low-risk cover higher insurance costs for high-risk individuals.

How each member of the insurance group shares the risks posed by the other members of the group.


Meanings of Pooling

  1. Make a hollow (liquid) on the floor or other surface.

  2. A small area of ​​calm water that usually forms naturally.

  3. (Two or more individuals or organizations) invest in mutual funds (money or other assets).

  4. Provide vehicles or shared resources that can be used when needed.

  5. The game is played on a small pool table with two sets of seven colored balls, one black and one white numbered in which all your balls are placed, and then one black.

  6. A group of participants competes in a tournament for the right to advance to the next round.

  7. Agreements between competing parties to set prices or tariffs are illegal in many countries, and sharing agreements to end competition.

Sentences of Pooling

  1. Sweat accumulated on my back

  2. Natural lake water is exchanged for lake water and therefore it remains clean.

  3. Sign a contract for all profits and profitable investments

  4. Car together

  5. However, during the summer, rooms are open on Thursdays and Saturdays for those who want to play pool, pool or pool.

  6. Chicken page A

  7. Competing with network pool arrangements reduces individual costs.

Synonyms of Pooling

common supply, reserves, backlog, store, stockpile, cache, pond, fund, hoard, stock, accumulation, storehouse, reserve, reservoir, supply, puddle


What is Pooling?

  1. Ling is a system where a large number of people take out group insurance to reduce their insurance costs. Basically, the Member W is considered low cost in order to meet the high cost and ensure that the W is more risky.

  2. Pooling refers to Each member of the insurance policy shares any risk taken by other members.

Meanings of Pooling

  1. Make a pit (liquid) on the floor or other surface.

Sentences of Pooling

  1. Sweat has accumulated on my back.