Definition of Pool:

  1. (of water or another liquid) form a pool on the ground or another surface.

  2. A small area of still water, typically one formed naturally.

  3. Investing: Amalgamation of the resources of the participants in an association or scheme for their common advantage, such as in making a large investment.

  4. Accounting: Accumulation of overhead costs in logical cost groupings for subsequent allocation to appropriate contracts and work orders.

Synonyms of Pool

Puddle, Pond, Aktiengesellschaft, Swiss bank account, Accumulate, Aktiebolag, Amalgamate, Artificial lake, Assets, Balance, Bank, Bank account, Bayou lake, Bear pool, Blind pool, Body corporate, Bottom dollar, Budget, Bull pool, Business, Business establishment, Cartel, Cash reserves, Chain, Chamber of commerce, Checking account, Cistern, Collect, Collection, Combine, Command of money, Commercial enterprise, Compagnie, Company, Concern, Conglomerate, Conglomerate corporation, Consolidate, Consolidating company, Consortium, Copartnership, Corporate body, Corporation, Dam, Dead water, Dike, Diversified corporation, Enterprise, Etang, Exchequer, Farm pond, Finances, Firm, Fishpond, Freshwater lake, Fund, Funds, Gather, Glacial lake, Group, Holding company, House, Industry, Inland sea, Jackpot, Joint-stock association, Joint-stock company, Kitty, Lagoon, Laguna, Lake, Lakelet, Landlocked water, League, Life savings, Linn, Loch, Lough, Means, Mere, Merge, Millpond, Millpool, Moneys, Natatorium, Nest egg, Nyanza, Operating company, Oxbow lake, Partnership, Pecuniary resources, Plash, Plunderbund, Plunge, Plunge bath, Pocket, Pond, Pondlet, Pot, Public utility, Puddle, Purse, Reserves, Reservoir, Resources, Salina, Salt pond, Savings, Savings account, Stagnant water, Stakes, Standing water, Still water, Stock company, Substance, Sump, Swimming bath, Swimming hole, Swimming pool, Syndicate, Tank, Tarn, Team up with, Tidal pond, Tiger, Trade association, Treasure, Trust, Unregistered bank account, Utility, Volcanic lake, Wading pool, Water hole, Water pocket, Well, Wherewithal

How to use Pool in a sentence?

  1. You may need to pool all of your resources together so that you can get in on a new project before other companies beat you.
  2. I wanted to go to the swimming pool because it was hot outside and I was also sweaty from soccer practice.
  3. The pool of resources generated by the new team was useful in a wide variety of business projects at our company.
  4. The oil pooled behind the quay walls, escaping slowly into the river.
  5. The natural lake water interchanges with the pool area water, keeping it clean.

Meaning of Pool & Pool Definition