Pool Table In Apartment

Pool Table In Apartment

Are tables in your home a nuisance? 3

I thought I had a table, but I don't know if my neighbors would accept it.

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Well, we live in a 3-story apartment and we're right in the middle. : /

If you have tenants downstairs, this is quite boring. I live in an apartment and people have a table for me and I always know when they are playing. Long story short, I think we should stop using their desk there because it is considered a disturbing noise (or whatever it is, I forgot the correct term).

You may not even be able to occupy the whole table, it is better to ask the owner and yes other tenants can hear you playing. I can clearly hear him playing.

Are you discouraged? If not

.... and yes they can be very long ....

Yes, it is very noisy. You must obtain owner permission to transfer.

Pool Table In Apartment