Definition of Polymer:

  1. A molecular-structured substance consisting primarily or entirely of a large number of interconnected units, such as many synthetic organic substances such as plastics and resins.

  2. Compounds of very high molecular weight consisting of a large number of simple molecules of the same type (called monomers). Most plastics are man-made polymers, while proteins are natural polymers made from amino acids.

Synonyms of Polymer

Macromolecule, Cast plastic, Radical, Synthetic fabric, Resin plastic, Thermoplastic, Nonacid, Cellulose plastic, Plastic, Anion, Cation, Adhesive, Laminate, Biochemical, Sulfacid, Compound, Inorganic chemical, Acid, Trimer, Molded plastic, Agent, Alloisomer, Monomer, Oxyacid, Alkalinity, Chemical, Base, Hydracid, Reagent, Ion, Isomer, Organic chemical, Acidity, Metamer, Synthetic rubber, Atom, Chemical element, High polymer, Copolymer, Homopolymer, Protein plastic, Alkali, Chromoisomer, Antacid, Neutralizer, Molecule, Heavy chemicals, Thermosetting plastic, Dimer, Extruded plastic, Pseudoisomer, Molding compounds, Element, Synthetic

How to use Polymer in a sentence?

  1. Polymers with high molecular weight can have viscosity values ​​of millions of millipedes.
  2. It's a symbol, it's made of leather and it's used to make buttons, it's another product, more than the invention of synthetic polymers, these materials are replaced by high quality plastics.
  3. This compound is a multi-component polymer and works much better than any of its components.
  4. Jack explores the use of polymers in the construction of new cars to reduce load and increase reach.

Meaning of Polymer & Polymer Definition

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