Definition of Poll:

  1. A persons head.

  2. Check the status of (a measuring device, part of a computer, or a node in a network), especially as part of a repeated cycle.

  3. Cut the horns off (an animal, especially a young cow).

  4. Record the opinion or vote of.

  5. The process of voting in an election.

  6. Public-opinion survey in which either all members of a particular group, or randomly chosen respondents from a sector of population, are asked carefully designed questions to extract specific information.

Synonyms of Poll

Skull, Cranium, Crown, Vote, Ballot, Show of hands, Straw poll, Straw vote, Referendum, Plebiscite, Election, Australian ballot, Hare system, VAT, Abbreviate, Abridge, Abstract, Ad valorem duty, Agenda, Alcohol tax, Amusement tax, Ask, Assessment on default, Aye, Ballot, Ballot box, Balloting place, Beadroll, Bean, Belfry, Bob, Boil down, Book, Brow, Cadastre, Calendar, Call off, Call over, Call the roll, Canvass, Canvassing, Capital gains tax, Capitation, Capitation tax, Capsulize, Carve, Cast a ballot, Casting vote, Catalog, Census, Census report, Chalk, Chalk up, Check in, Checklist, Checkroll, Chronicle, Chump, Clip, Compress, Condense, Conduct a poll, Conk, Consumer research, Consumer-preference survey, Contract, Corporation tax, Count, Counting heads, Crop, Crown, Cumulative voting, Curtail, Customs, Customs duty, Cut, Cut back, Cut down, Cut off short, Cut short, Death duty, Death tax, Deciding vote, Divide, Division, Dock, Docket, Dome, Doomage, Dramatis personae, Duty, Election returns, Elide, Enfranchisement, Engrave, Enroll, Enscroll, Enter, Enumerate, Epitomize, Estate duty, Estate tax, Excess profits tax, Excise, Excise tax, Export tax, Fagot vote, Federal tax, Figures, File, Fill out, Foliate, Foreshorten, Franchise, Gabelle, Get, Gift tax, Grave, Graveyard vote, Hand vote, Head, Head count, Head tax, Headpiece, Honor roll, Impanel, Import tax, Incise, Income tax, Index, Inheritance tax, Inquiry, Inscribe, Insert, Internal revenue tax, Interview, Jot down, Jury list, Jury panel, Land tax, Landslide, Lineup, Liquor tax, List, List system, Local tax, Log, Luxury tax, Make a memorandum, Make a note, Make a survey, Make an entry, Make out, Mark down, Matriculate, Measure, Minute, Mow, Muster, Muster roll, Nay, Nip, No, Noddle, Noggin, Nontransferable vote, Noodle, Nose count, Note, Note down, Nuisance tax, Number, Numerate, Official count, Opinion poll, Order of business, Page, Paginate, Pate, Personal property tax, Place upon record, Plebiscite, Plebiscitum, Plump, Plumper, Plural vote, Poll tax, Pollard, Pollbook, Polling, Polling booth, Polling place, Polling station, Polls, Post, Post up, Preferential voting, Program, Property roll, Property tax, Property-increment tax, Proportional representation, Protective tariff, Provincial tax, Proxy, Prune, Public-opinion poll, Put down, Put in writing, Put on paper, Put on tape, Quantify, Quantize, Question, Questionary, Questionnaire, Rates, Reap, Recap, Recapitulate, Receive, Record, Record vote, Recount, Reduce, Reduce to writing, Referendum, Register, Representation, Retrench, Returns, Revenue tariff, Ridge, Right to vote, Rising vote, Roll, Roll call, Roster, Rota, Run over, Sales tax, Salt tax, Sample, Say, School tax, Sconce, Scroll, Secret ballot, Set down, Severance tax, Shave, Shear, Shorten, Show of hands, Single vote, Snap vote, Snub, Specific duty, State tax, Straw vote, Stunt, Suffrage, Sum up, Summarize, Survey, Synopsize, Tabulate, Take down, Take in, Tally, Tape, Tape-record, Tariff, Tariff duty, Tax roll, Telephone tax, Telescope, Tell, Tidal wave, Transferable vote, Trim, Truncate, Use tax, Value added tax, Videotape, Viva voce, Voice, Voice vote, Vote, Voting, Voting booth, Voting machine, Voting right, Win, Window tax, Write, Write down, Write in, Write out, Write up, Write-in, Write-in vote, Yea, Yeas and nays, Yes, Canvass, Survey, Ask, Question, Interview, Ballot, Sample

How to use Poll in a sentence?

  1. Peter scratched his poll and smiled feebly.
  2. Focus groups in which customers are polled about merchandise preferences.
  3. The country went to the polls on March 10.
  4. As an added bonus, every Thunderhouse calf born to date has been polled!.
  5. The network manager can also use the software to poll each Mac on the net.

Meaning of Poll & Poll Definition