Political Correctness/pc/non-pc

Political Correctness/pc/non-pc,

How To Define Political Correctness/pc/non-pc?

  • Political Correctness/pc/non-pc can be defined as, Usually allocated as PC or PC and not usually in negative form PC. It is customary not to use politically correct words, phrases, actions, etc. It can irritate (especially) a minority group or even any group that is reasonably offended by such words or actions. In the case of the PC's Clipper / Clippers policy, it is sometimes ironically interpreted as indicating excessive affiliation or expectation of political correctness.

Literal Meanings of Political Correctness/pc/non-pc


Meanings of Political:
  1. This refers to the government or public affairs of a country.

Sentences of Political
  1. Period of political and economic stability

Synonyms of Political

parliamentary, public, diplomatic, party political, policy-making, ministerial, governmental, legislative, constitutional, bureaucratic, government, local government, civic, administrative, state


Meanings of Correctness:
  1. The standard or condition of being free from defects in accuracy.

  2. The standard of correctness by opinion or decision.

  3. Compliance with recognized social standards.

  4. According to a certain political conservatism or ideology.

Sentences of Correctness
  1. This is an important result that confirms the accuracy of the calculated display and determines the size of the resulting image.

  2. The problem is that there is no positive evidence for this approach beyond the geometric accuracy of its interpretation.

  3. I want the company to maintain this integrity and have a proper understanding of the rules and presentation accuracy of classical ballet.

  4. This violation of strict grammatical accuracy must be satirical on your part.

  5. It's easy to think that having accurate data is a guarantee of accuracy.

  6. Many teachers protest the deadly and trivial insistence on accuracy and want students to write live prose that is important to them.

  7. Ethics is that dramatic energy is more important than historical accuracy.

  8. The account maintained by the bank should be the final proof of the authenticity of the registration.

  9. The accuracy of the personal data entered in the certificate should be guaranteed.


Meanings of Pc:
  1. A personal computer

  2. A policeman

  3. Politically correct.

  4. Politically correct.

  5. A personal advisor.

Sentences of Pc
  1. PC Bartellimi made this report

Synonyms of Pc

policewoman, freethinking, go-ahead, officer of the law, forward-looking, policeman, radical, WPC, forward-thinking, progressivist, enlightened, DC, PC, detective, reformist