Definition of Policyholder:

  1. A company that has an insurance policy and has the right to use all the benefits of the insurance contract, unless the assignment rights are limited to it (see assignment). The policyholder can be either the policyholder or the sole or recipient of the policy. As a policyholder.

  2. An individual or group from an insurance policy.

How to use Policyholder in a sentence?

  1. The CA claims that this insurance increases the debts instead of protecting the patients from their problems.

Meaning of Policyholder & Policyholder Definition


Policyholder Meanings:

  • The person who actually owns the insurance.

  • Policyholder means: An insured is a natural or legal person whose name appears on the insurance company's records.

    A policyholder is an individual or legal entity that owns or controls an insurance policy and has the privilege of exercising the rights set forth in the contract. This party is often, but not always, insured and may or may not benefit from the policy.

    For example, if you take out home insurance in your own name, you are one of the policy owners and policyholders because you are covered by all the terms of the policy.

    If you live with a family, they are also considered insured. You are not insured because you are not under police control, but you are entitled to their protection. These are the life insurance policies of many beneficiaries.

    There may be situations where there is more than one policyholder, but even in that particular situation there is a specific policyholder or policyholder who is responsible for managing the policy. This person is also authorized to request an amendment to the contract from the insurance company.

    Policyholders are sometimes called policyholders.

Meanings of Policyholder

  1. The person or group in whose name the insurance policy is named.

Sentences of Policyholder

  1. The CA claims that this insurance increases the debt of the policyholders instead of saving them from difficulties.


How To Define Policyholder?

Policyholder means,

Policyholder refers to a person who is insured under a particular house or tenant's insurance policy.

A simple definition of Policyholder is: People who have insurance policies. Mortgage beneficiaries usually receive a copy of the insurance policy or insurance certificate at the request of the policyholder, but not the policyholder.

The definition of Policyholder is: The person or organization that insures (and pays the premium).

Who orders, who pays and receives the policy.

Definition of Policyholder: The person who owns the insurance policy. It can be insurance or insurance. See also insurance.


What Does Policyholder Mean?

Policyholder means: The person or company in whose name the insurance policy is issued. Like insurers

Meaning of Policyholder:

When your life is insured, it is called insurance. The policyholder is usually the insured.

The definition of Policyholder is: The person who pays a premium to the insurer in exchange for insurance policy coverage.

People who have life insurance. As a rule, it is insured, but it can also be insured, a relative of civil society or partnership.

The person or organization to which the insuring policy is issued. This is usually the person who receives the payment.


What is Policyholder?

  • Policyholder means:

  • The person (or persons) whose risk of financial loss arises from the insured risk is covered by the policy.

  • Life insurance holder. Only the policyholder can make changes to the life insurance agreement.


What Does Policyholder Mean?

  • The definition of Policyholder is: Generally, you are considered the owner of the policy.

  • Meaning of Policyholder: Insured / Policyholder

  • Policyholder definition is: The person with whom the policyholder issues the policy. In general, this person benefits from insurance.

  • The person in whose name the policy is issued. .

  • You can define Policyholder as,

    A policyholder, also called a policyholder, is an individual or legal entity that has entered into an agreement with an insurance company and has an insurance policy.