Definition of Policy:

  1. Management: The set of basic principles and associated guidelines, formulated and enforced by the governing body of an organization, to direct and limit its actions in pursuit of long-term goals. See also corporate policy.

  2. Politics: (1) The basic principles by which a government is guided. (2) The declared objectives that a government or party seeks to achieve and preserve in the interest of national community. See also public policy.

  3. Insurance: The formal contract issued by an insurer that contains terms and conditions of the insurance cover and serves as its legal evidence.

Synonyms of Policy

Accident insurance, Action, Actuary, Annuity, Approach, Arrangement, Assurance, Autarky, Aviation insurance, Bail bond, Behavior, Bimetallism, Bingo, Bond, Business life insurance, Card games, Casualty insurance, Certificate of insurance, Chuck and toss, Chuck farthing, Chuck-a-luck, Circumspection, Circumspectness, Conduct, Consideration, Contract by deed, Contract of record, Contract quasi, Cool judgment, Course, Court bond, Covenant of indemnity, Crack-loo, Crap game, Crap shooting, Craps, Credit insurance, Credit life insurance, Creed, Custom, Debenture, Debenture bond, Deductible, Deed, Deed of trust, Deed poll, Design, Discreetness, Discretion, Discrimination, Economic self-sufficiency, Endowment insurance, Family maintenance policy, Fan-tan, Fidelity bond, Fidelity insurance, Flood insurance, Formal contract, Fraternal insurance, Free enterprise, Free trade, Game plan, Good judgment, Government insurance, Governmentalism, Group policy, Guiding principles, Hazard, Health insurance, Horse racing, Implied contract, Indent, Indenture, Industrial life insurance, Insurance, Insurance agent, Insurance broker, Insurance company, Insurance man, Insurance policy, Interinsurance, Judgment, Judiciousness, Keno, Laissez-faire, Laissez-faireism, Liability insurance, License bond, Limited payment insurance, Line, Localism, Lotto, Major medical insurance, Malpractice insurance, Managed currency, Management, Marine insurance, Method, Mortgage deed, Mutual company, Noninterference, Nonintervention, Nullification, Ocean marine insurance, Parol contract, Party line, Party principle, Permit bond, Pinball, Pitch and toss, Plan of action, Planned economy, Platform, Polity, Position, Position paper, Practice, Price supports, Principles, Procedure, Program, Promissory note, Protection, Protectionism, Protocol, Providence, Prudence, Prudentialism, Public policy, Pump-priming, Recognizance, Reflection, Reflectiveness, Regulation, Robbery insurance, Rouge et noir, Roulette, Rule, Scheme, Sectionalism, Shell game, Social security, Sound judgment, Soundness of judgment, Special contract, Specialty, Specialty contract, Stock company, Strategy, Sweepstake, Sweepstakes, System, Tactics, Term insurance, The numbers, The numbers game, Theft insurance, Thoughtfulness, Title deed, Trente-et-quarante, Underwriter, Way, Ways and means, Weighing

How to use Policy in a sentence?

  1. The Schools policy on missed classes is that you must have a letter from a parent or a doctor excusing you from class time.
  2. Everyone was against the Presidents Foreign Policy because it had a negative effect on relations with many countries that the United States previously had close ties with.
  3. The foreign policy of the newly formed government was to isolate itself from any foreign influence and attack any influences that might threaten the power of the government.

Meaning of Policy & Policy Definition