Policy Year Experience

Policy Year Experience,

What is Policy Year Experience?

  • Some annual premiums related to premiums and losses. One year of insurance experience for an insurance policy covers all policy premium and loss transactions. One year of joint policy experience is calculated for the entire portfolio, including individual experience of all policies implemented from this year. For example, 2014 insurance year data will include experience of all policies applied between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014, regardless of when the loss or other policy-related event occurred. To be. This approach offers a clear combination of loss and premium.

  • Losses and Loss Adjustment Cost (LEA) for claims made during the life of the policy, regardless of the claim made, divided into premiums earned for all policies issued during the same period. Has gone Loss values ​​are final only if all losses (fixed in case of loss) have been paid. The premium amount is based on all policies taken over a specified period and can be withdrawn for more than one financial reporting period.

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