Policy Owner

Policy Owner,

Policy Owner Meanings:

  • Policy Owner can be defined as, A person who has an insurance policy, usually a policyholder or insured.

  • The person or group that has the individual insurance policy. That person could be the insured, the recipient or someone else. The policyholder is usually the person who pays the premium and is the only person who can change the policy.

  • Definition of Policy Owner:

    See insurance

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Meanings of Policy:
  1. The Code of Conduct has been adopted or proposed by governments, parties, companies or individuals.

Sentences of Policy
  1. Controversial economic policy administration

Synonyms of Policy

plans, strategy, proposed action, blueprint, approach, scheme, stratagem, programme, schedule, code, system, guidelines, intentions, notions, theory, line, position, stance, attitude


Meanings of Owner:
  1. Someone who has something.

Sentences of Owner
  1. Great dalmatian proud boss

Synonyms of Owner

possessor, holder, proprietor, proprietress, homeowner, freeholder, landlord, landlady, master, mistress, keeper