Policy Dividend

Policy Dividend,

How Do You Define Policy Dividend?

  • See synonyms significant term profit

  • A policy profit is the amount that the insurer pays to the policyholder (usually a life insurance policy) each year after meeting the requirements of each financial policy.

    The amount is determined by the directors of the insurance company and contributes to the financial performance of the company. Therefore, it is not explained or guaranteed. The surrender value of the policy and the premium determine the amount of profit.

  • Partial reimbursement of premiums for participating in life insurance policies, showing the difference between the calculated premium and actual experience.

  • Partial premium payment by participating life insurance companies. The payment amount is the result of deducting the actual premium expenses from the premium received. Payment can be made in cash, used to purchase an insurance increase, such as a deposit with an insurance company or to buy life insurance for one year.

Literal Meanings of Policy Dividend


Meanings of Policy:
  1. Adopted or proposed by the government, political party, company or individual in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

  2. Illegal lottery or number game.

Sentences of Policy
  1. Controversial economic policy management

Synonyms of Policy

position, notions, plans, line, approach, code, intentions, guidelines, scheme, stance, blueprint, stratagem, theory, schedule, programme, strategy, proposed action, attitude, system


Meanings of Dividend:
  1. A company pays its shareholders regularly (usually quarterly) from profits (or reserves).

  2. A large number was divided by the second number.

Sentences of Dividend
  1. Tax exemption for pension fund profits has been abolished.

  2. Dividend must be more than one symbol of the calendar.

Synonyms of Dividend

percentage, reward, earnings, yield, advantage, emolument, winnings, income, interest, profit, takings, proceeds, return, dividend, benefit, receipts