Policy Change

Policy Change,

Policy Change Meanings:

  1. This policy is valid if any changes have been made to your insurance policy.

Literal Meanings of Policy Change


Meanings of Policy:
  1. A code of conduct or practice that is adopted or proposed by any government, party, company or individual.

Synonyms of Policy

intentions, blueprint, line, attitude, code, programme, schedule, stratagem, theory, approach, proposed action, notions, scheme, guidelines, plans, stance, system, strategy, position


Meanings of Change:
  1. Modify (someone or someone) differently.

  2. Replace (something) with something else, especially something of the same kind that is new, or make something better than (something).

  3. Different clothes.

  4. Switch to another train, plane or subway line.

  5. Matters or matters of doing or being different.

  6. Coins for notes.

  7. The order in which the lime can be touched.

  8. A place where traders meet to do business.

Sentences of Change
  1. Both parties rejected the proposed legislative changes.

  2. He decided to change his name

  3. She went to eat

  4. There are many different lines, at many stations passengers change from train to train and do not want to wait long for connection.

  5. Change from nomadic society to agrarian society

  6. Small change

Synonyms of Change

sound, change, coin of the realm, sounding, ringing, coppers, tolling, reverberation, cash, touch, coin, coinage, small change, clang, silver, coins, ring, petty cash, gold, death knell, hard cash, copper, boom, transform, convert, make, resounding, chime