Pokemon Platinum Heart Scale

Pokemon Platinum Heart Scale

Where can you find heart weight in Pokemon Ruby?

| Reply. It is connected to the Luvdisc, which you can find on Route 128 in the area just before Victory Road. You must have a good bar or supermarket. There is also a weight of the heart in 124 and 126.

Where can I find cardiac weights related to this?

This way you can easily find the weights of the heart. HeartScales are rare items used to teach Pokemon moves they may have forgotten and moves Pokemon haven’t learned. To do this, grab a heart weight and a Pokemon for MoveReminder at the Pokemon Center on Mount Lanakila on Ulaula Island.

Besides the above, where is the weight of the emerald heart?

It is rare and only exists once. I reveal the location of the heart in Pokémon Emerald.

He also asked, what do you do with the weights of the heart?

Heart Scale is an item the player can give to re-learners to help Pokémon players remember their forgotten moves. In the Gen III and Gen IV games, a man from Pastoria City helps players remember movements in exchange for found heart weights.How to increase heart weight in PokemonTo make sure you have enough weight to stretch, grab a fishing rod and head out into the ocean. When fishing you sometimes pull things like heart weights and when you go to the Melemele Sea or Route 9 you can fish and hold the disc to windward. Capture these Pokémon or use TheThief Blanket to steal their item.

Where can I find Luvdisc?

Luvdisc can be found in the growing pond, as can Corsola and Wailmer.

Where can you find heart weight in Pokemon Platinum?

==== Heart scales can be found underground, like this one in the city of Silecion (sorry for the spelling mistakes) or in some areas with a car. On the beach next to the rectory you will find two heart weights and 4 pearls with the diviner.

How do you get heart weights in Heartgold?

If Luvdisc is busy, go to New Bark Town and navigate Route 26 and look for Luvdisc. After hitting one, you can use the same thief and increase the weight of the heart. Ability to obtain Heart Scales by stealing 50% from Luvdidis. So this is the easiest way to go.

Where can I find USUM heart weights?

When you have reached the weight of a heart, take it with a Pokémon of your choice to the Pokémon Center on Mount Lanakila on Ulaula Island as a reminder to move.

Where can I find heart weights in Pokemon Black?


How do you get a silver heart from the soul?

You can get a heart weight with Smashon Rock, or you can get it on Wednesdays / Sundays in a poker tournament.

Where are the weights of the heart in Let & aposs Go Pikachu?

It is my main source of heart weight. There are 1 on Route 20, 2 in the Foam Islands and 5 from Bike Maniac to Cerulean. All of the following should be given as a random gift by your partner Pikachu / Eevee after selecting them to play with.

What does a heart weight do in Pokemon Platinum?

What is heart weight in PokemonPlatinum for?

Move Teacher asks them in exchange to allow your Pokémon to learn moves they have forgotten before. It is the same in all games (3rd gen.)

Where is the black relearn function?

In Mistralton City (Flyingtype Gym City) there is a town house with 4 NPCs. One such NPC is TheMove Releaner!

Where is the moving professor in Emerald?

Movements of Pokemon Emerald. The moving age is in the house next to LilycoveMegaMart. The maniac can be found in the house near the Fallarbor battle tent. He learns a move your Pokémon learned at an earlier level when you give him a Heart Scale.

Where can I find Heart Weights in Pokemon Ultra Moon?

Heart Scales come from Pokemon Luvdisc, which has a 50% chance to wear one, at Hano Beach in Vast Poni Canyon, which is occasionally dropped by Pokemon Ambushes, Street Fishing Points 7,8 and 9, PaniolaTown, Brooklet Hill and Akala - the suburbs, restaurants of Konikoni City and Seafolk

How do you like Pokemon Emerald?

Method 1 Using the Tech Machine ™

Which Pokémon can be found on Route 104 in Alpha Sapphire?

Route 104

How to fish in Pokemon Emerald?


How do you weigh your heart in Oras?

Use the Super Rod on Route 128, EverGrand City or Victory Road to defeat the Savage Luvdisc, who has a 50% chance of lifting a heart weight. During combat, you can use a Pokémon that knows the rogue’s speed to steal Luvdiscs’ heart scale! Keep fishing and use the rogue to get infinite heart weights.

Where is the relearning movement?

To start, Move Deleter and MoveRelearner are located in the northeast house of PokémonCenter in Dendemille Town. The Move Deleter is the old man on the left and hell is deleting all the moves in front of you.

Where is Route 9 in Pokemon Sun?

Route 9 (Sun / Moon) Route 9 connects the Digletts Tunnel to the town of Konikoni and provides access to Memorial Hill, the Akala suburb and the ruins of Life.

Pokemon Platinum Heart Scale