Pokemon Crystal Water Stone

Pokemon Crystal Water Stone

Where can I get Pokemon Crystal Waterstones? 3

I need Wasserstein to make my Poliwrath, but where can I find it?


I just asked W to get water stones to make my polyvirus.

Trip 25

Items: nougat, protein (for cutting), immortal stone, stone blade, water stone,

Pierre, Durston

Pokemon: Bell Rings (MAE), Pid (MA), Pidgeotto (MA), Caterpie (MA),

Metapod (MA), Airfree (MA), Musals (L), Noctol (L), Odisha (L),

Venonet (E)

Trainer: 8, and you must fight seven.

In the RBY era, team rocketing was a small challenge to master.

over here. It still exists 3 years later, but with a legitimate offer

Some difficult Pokemon. Defeat the first six trainers, find Porygonng. in regards to

The super idiot tries to stop and finally talks to Coltrainer.

To get nuggets ... and another match. * Laugh *

If you beat each of the six trainers I think you get all the items.

Go to the boy on the shore (to the right of the new boat you have to surf to reach the fork) Write the Battle Fisher team and number. After a few phone calls he will give you a water stone. Route 25, here you can also find water stones.

Secondary Mission: LLS Grand

Your grandfather is sitting for his grandson and wants to see something.

Rare Pokemon. Each Pokemon has its own rewards.

Long term. By the way, what else can happen? it is a

Lick Prize: Everest

The leaves are sticking to his head. Strange according to this description.

T. Reward: Stone Blade

Star shaped Think about it ... it's a stereo. Gift:

Water stone

Water stone

Item Type: Menu Item

Location: Gift from the Mystery Fishermen Team on Route 25 Route 42

Description: Prepare Poliwhirl, Sder, Staryu and Eevee in Poliwrath,

Cloister, Stormy and Vaporon. This article disappears after use.

That rock

Item Type: Menu Item

Location: Route 38 on Route 25 Mystery Gift El Dana

Description: Prepare pakachu and avi in ​​raicho and joltion. This object

Disappears after use.


Item Type: Menu Item

Location: Route 25 Mystery Gift Scol Boy Alan, Route 36

Description: Evolve Goupix, Growlithe and Eevee in Ninetales, Arcanine,

And the flame disappears after using this article.

Stone knife

Item Type: Menu Item

Location: Route 25 to Route 34 Mysterious Award Picnic

Description: Evil Glome, Weaponable and Exquisite in Wild Plum,

Victreebel and Exeggutor. This article disappears after use.

Moon stone

Item Type: Menu Item

Location: Route 26 (waterfall) Monte Luna Monday Mother A.

Description: Evolution of Nidorina, Nidorino, Clefairy and Lypuff

Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Clefable and Wigglytuff. This article has since disappeared.

A use


Item Type: Menu Item

Location: Big Cat Competition (Rank 1)

Description: Convert sadness and hybridization into bellows and sunflora. East

The item disappears after use.

You need to add the name of the trainer to your PNE and they will call you and tell you that they have found you.

I'm out of the mirror, but I know someone called to pick you up at 2:00 on the left.

Take the number and call yourself 2 Give yourself a rock of water otherwise you will want to fight. Ok i :)

Crystal clear water stone

Pokemon Crystal Water Stone