Definition of Podium:

  1. A small platform where the public can see someone, for example, while giving a speech or conducting an orchestra.

  2. Take first, second or third place to appear on the podium for the prize (from competitors).

  3. A raised platform or platform where the speaker speaks. Also called podium.

Synonyms of Podium

Soapbox, Rostrum, Terrace, Heliport, Stump, Launching pad, Landing, Platform, Hustings, Catafalque, Step terrace, Tribune, Stage, Stand, Tribunal, Dais, Dais, Soapbox, Landing stage, Pulpit, Balcony, Estrade, Floor, Platform, Gallery, Landing pad, Stage, Emplacement, Rostrum

How to use Podium in a sentence?

  1. He took the podium in front of the audience waiting for the conference.
  2. My sprint yielded great results and reached the podium as an individual.

Meaning of Podium & Podium Definition