Definition of Pneumatic:

  1. An item of pneumatic equipment.

  2. (chiefly in the context of New Testament theology) relating to the spirit.

  3. Mechanism activated, controlled, or powered by air or gas pressure. In comparison, hydraulic devices employ liquid pressure. See also pneumatics.

  4. Containing or operated by air or gas under pressure.

Synonyms of Pneumatic

Junoesque, Aerial, Aeriform, Aerodynamic, Aerographic, Aerologic, Aeromechanical, Aerophysical, Aerostatic, Aerotechnical, Aery, Agreeable, Airish, Airlike, Airy, Alfresco, Amply endowed, Atmospheric, Bagging, Baggy, Ballooning, Becoming, Bellying, Billowing, Billowy, Bloated, Bonny, Bosomy, Braw, Breezy, Built, Built for comfort, Bulbose, Bulbous, Bulging, Bumped, Bumpy, Bunched, Bunchy, Buxom, Callipygian, Callipygous, Comely, Curvaceous, Curvy, Distended, Ethereal, Exposed, Fair, Fuming, Fumy, Gaseous, Gasified, Gasiform, Gaslike, Gassy, Goddess-like, Good-looking, Goodly, Hillocky, Hummocky, Light, Likely, Lovely to behold, Mephitic, Miasmal, Miasmatic, Miasmic, Moutonnee, Open-air, Oxyacetylene, Oxygenous, Ozonic, Personable, Pleasing, Pneumatological, Potbellied, Pouching, Presentable, Reeking, Reeky, Roomy, Rounded, Shapely, Sightly, Slender, Smoking, Smoky, Stacked, Statuesque, Steaming, Steamy, Swelling, Tropospheric, Vaporing, Vaporish, Vaporlike, Vaporous, Vapory, Verrucated, Verrucose, Warty, Well-built, Well-favored, Well-formed, Well-made, Well-proportioned, Well-shaped, Well-stacked

How to use Pneumatic in a sentence?

  1. As with most conventional pneumatics, you have to cock the bolt and load a pellet into the breech by hand before each shot.

Meaning of Pneumatic & Pneumatic Definition