Plutão Em Sagitário

Plutão Em Sagitário

Safeo.Plutà home o Saário 1 at home ??????????

Famous EU? K Soo's velvet pain was so intense that he reacted accordingly and tried it. As an individual, I met the people here and they loved me very much.

Come to your door: the effect on your physical appearance.

It looks physical - definitely a sign of growing hair, which is considered a 10 degree planet before or after the first house snap (upwards).

Just go to Scorpio.

Where is the scorpion ruler?

Or the ruler © uto Pluto, standing in the first house in the desert.

I don't know how many degrees Pluto has had since September 1, in Scorpio, its appearance, a sign of jack or power, and an extraordinary correction in Pluto's first.

The information at 12 o'clock on Mars can be important (known as the co-agent of the Scorpions) because at least 10 grays do not ascend. If this were to happen, Pluto would be perfect near the second house and away from the ascent, as every third sign is 30 degrees and living in Scotch is a planet.

Then we have Scorpio + Pluto in the first (= then Scorpio in the first) and Aries / Scorpio right away. This is Mars.

The nose will point slightly like a guide dog. Like a ponta enclave for fast, low cost. (It's very different from Tou Tou Token's nose, right?)

Penetrating oil and invasive beams. Stalker or negotiator ability.

The light roll did not move and is not wiped.

The will is strong, I have to be careful when using its destructive power. It is important to know how to take advantage of this forum in order not to work before harming anyone. It is common to arrange temporary changes on your own or on your own.

If Pluto is a neighbor or awake, trusting people should be a problem, because you can subconsciously eat more breakfast while working, but it's too close to get close and connected.

However, Pluto pointed out a traumatic path in the early years of our lives. But the sign of trauma is a person leaving in a state of constant vigilance, or always from the original, who does something horrible or terrible. So they are always ready to attack, to survive.

Force Deshwar to feel his power or that his evil does not pass through him unconsciously or unconsciously. Keep those who use bodyguards clean, guarantee a sense of security against them, or maybe it could.

This amazingly nurturing energy that you want to use for me is creative and destructive. Use wisely !!

By grace


We also have a climb to Scorpio and I have Pluto in Sario at 1 o'clock in addition to my 11 o'clock on Mars, I described it as Oh Safe Classes

Plutão Em Sagitário