Definition of Plus:

  1. A positive income increase on balance sheet. For example, a sales transaction in which income was received at the time of the sale.

  2. Furthermore; also.

  3. Having a positive electric charge.

  4. A mathematical operation of addition.

  5. With the addition of.

  6. (after a number or amount) at least.

  7. An advantage.

  8. (before a number) above zero; positive.

Synonyms of Plus

Above, Accessory, Add, Added, Added to, Addend, Addition, Additional, Additionally, Adjoin, Advantage, Affix, Again, Agglutinate, Aggrandize, All included, Along with, Also, Altogether, Among other things, Ancillary, And, And all, And also, And so, Annex, Another, Append, As well, As well as, Asset, Attach, Attended by, Au reste, Augment, Auxiliary, Balance, Beef up, Benefit, Beside, Besides, Beyond, Bonus, Boost, Build, Burden, Collateral, Complicate, Compound, Conjoin, Contributory, Coupled with, Decorate, Dividend, Else, En plus, Encumber, Enlarge, Expand, Extra, Farther, For lagniappe, Fresh, Further, Furthermore, Gain, Glue on, Gratuity, Hitch on, In addition, In addition to, In conjunction with, Including, Inclusive of, Infix, Inter alia, Into the bargain, Item, Join with, Lagniappe, Leftover, Let alone, Likewise, Linked to, Magnify, Margin, Minus, More, Moreover, Negative, New, Not to mention, On the side, On top of, Ornament, Other, Over, Over and above, Overage, Overmeasure, Overplus, Overrun, Overset, Overstock, Oversupply, Paste on, Plus sign, Positive, Postfix, Pourboire, Prefix, Profit, Put with, Remainder, Return, Saddle with, Similarly, Slap on, Something extra, Spare, Subjoin, Subtotal, Suffix, Sum, Summation, Superadd, Supernumerary, Superpose, Supplemental, Supplementary, Surplus, Surplusage, Tack on, Tag, Tag on, Then, Therewith, Tip, To boot, Together with, Too, Total, Ulterior, Unite with, With, Yet, Advantage, Good point, Plus point, Asset, Pro, Benefit, Added advantage, Additional benefit, Fringe benefit, Bonus, Extra, Added extra, Perk, Dividend, Attraction, Attractive feature, Beauty, Also, As well, In addition, Additionally, Into the bargain, Besides, Furthermore, Moreover, Yet, On top of that, To boot, And, Added to, Increased by, With the addition of

How to use Plus in a sentence?

  1. Plus 60 degrees centigrade.
  2. Knowing the language is a decided plus.
  3. Companies put losses at $500,000 plus.
  4. Two plus four is six.

Meaning of Plus & Plus Definition

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