Definition of Plug:

  1. Proceed steadily and laboriously with a journey or task.

  2. Shoot or hit (someone or something).

  3. A piece of publicity promoting a product, event, or establishment.

  4. A piece of tobacco cut from a larger cake for chewing.

  5. An obstruction blocking a hole, pipe, etc.

  6. Short for fireplug.

  7. Mention (a product, event, or establishment) publicly in order to promote it.

  8. A lure with one or more hooks attached.

  9. Block or fill in (a hole or cavity).

  10. A device for making an electrical connection, especially between an appliance and a power supply, consisting of an insulated casing with metal pins that fit into holes in an outlet.

  11. When there is a discrepancy in a financial statement, this method is used to bring continuity to the finances.

  12. A tired or old horse.

Synonyms of Plug

Stopper, Bung, Cork, Seal, Spigot, Spile, Toil, Labour, Toil away, Plod away, Work away, Slave away, Soldier on with, Persevere with, Persist with, Keep on with, Plough on with, Hammer away, Grind away, Shoot, Hit, Shoot down, Gun down, Pick off, Piece of publicity, Favourable mention, Advertisement, Promotion, Recommendation, Mention, Good word, Commercial, Stop, Stop up, Seal, Seal off, Seal up, Close, Close off, Close up, Cork, Stopper, Bung, Block, Block off, Block up, Dam, Dam up, Fill, Fill up, Pack, Stuff, Lure, Decoy, Fly, Troll, Jig, Plug, Teaser, Nag, Inferior horse, Tired-out horse, Worn-out horse, Rosinante, Publicize, Promote, Give publicity to, Advertise, Mention, Give a mention to, Write up, Build up, Bang the drum for, Beat the drum for, Commend, Draw attention to, Wad, Quid, Twist, Chew, PR, Acknowledgment, Advert, Advertise, Advertisement, Advocate, Appreciation, Back, Bait, Balker, Balky horse, Ballyhoo, Bar, Bark, Bill, Bind, Birdlime, Block, Block up, Blockade, Blurb, Bola, Boost, Bright light, Build up, Buildup, Bulletin, Bung, Caulk, Cavendish, Celebrity, Charge, Check valve, Chew, Chink, Choke, Choke off, Choke up, Chug on, Circularize, Clog, Clog up, Close, Close off, Close up, Cobweb, Cock, Commend, Commendation, Commercial, Commercial announcement, Common knowledge, Congest, Constipate, Cork, Cover, Crock, Crowbait, Cry, Cry up, Currency, Dam, Dam up, Daylight, Detonate, Dig, Discharge, Dog, Dragnet, Drop, Drudge, Eclat, Eject, Establish, Exposure, Fag, Fame, Famousness, Faucet, Fell, Fill, Fill up, Fire, Fire hydrant, Fire off, Fireplug, Fishhook, Fly, Foul, Garron, Gill net, Give a write-up, Give publicity, Glare, Goat, Good word, Grind, Ground bait, Grub, Gun, Gun for, Hack, Hammer, Hammer away, Hit, Honorable mention, Hook, Hoopla, Hue and cry, Hydrant, Hype, Jade, Jam, Jig, Jog on, Jughead, Keep doggedly at, Lariat, Lasso, Let fly, Let off, Lid, Lime, Limelight, Load, Lumber, Lure, Maximum dissemination, Mention, Meshes, Moil, Nag, Net, Noose, Notoriety, Obstipate, Obstruct, Occlude, Pack, Peg, Peg away, Pelt, Pepper, Pick off, Pigtail, Pin, Pistol, Placard, Plod, Plod along, Plug along, Plug at, Plug away, Plug up, Post, Post bills, Post up, Pot, Potshoot, Potshot, Pound away, Pound net, Press notice, Press-agent, Prime, Promote, Promotion, Public eye, Public knowledge, Public relations, Public report, Publicity, Publicity story, Publicize, Publicness, Puff, Puffing, Purse seine, Push, Quid, Reclame, Recognition, Recommend, Recommendation, Report, Riddle, Roarer, Rogue, Rosinante, Rub on, Scalawag, Schlep, Sea cock, Seal off, Seal up, Seine, Sell, Shoot, Shoot at, Shoot down, Slog, Slog away, Snare, Sniggle, Snipe, Speak highly of, Speak warmly of, Speak well of, Spiel, Spigot, Spike, Spile, Spill, Spinner, Spot, Spot announcement, Spotlight, Springe, Squid, Stanch, Stay, Stench, Stiff, Stop, Stop up, Stopgap, Stopper, Stopple, Strike, Stuff, Stuff up, Stump, Support, Take a potshot, Tap, Toil, Toils, Torpedo, Tout, Tramp, Travail, Trawl, Trudge, Twist, Valve, Wad, Wade through, Water plug, Whistler, Wobbler, Work away, Write up, Write-up

How to use Plug in a sentence?

  1. Somewhere in the pipes there is a plug of ice blocking the flow.
  2. They sold chewing tobacco in bars and plugs.
  3. Trucks arrived loaded with gravel to plug the hole and clear the road.
  4. Carrying plugs festooned with treble hooks is a price that is inevitably paid by the penitent plug fisherman.
  5. The cable is fitted with a two-pin plug.

Meaning of Plug & Plug Definition