Plug in

Plug in,

Definition of Plug in:

  1. A plug-in module or plug-in software.

  2. An electric outlet for plugging in the block heater of a vehicle in order to keep the engine warm.

  3. Relatively small computer program that adds new features to an application software published by a third party. For example, Real Audio and QuickTime add sound and video capabilities to Netscape browser, and dozens of special-effect programs add additional capabilities to Adobes Photoshop.

  4. Able to be connected by means of a plug.

How to use Plug in in a sentence?

  1. A creative mind can do miracles with the plug-in, as the software is able to clone objects and adjust them to the new background in such a way, that they get an artistic effect.
  2. A plug-in telephone.
  3. Unlike a full-electric vehicle, the hybrids battery is self-contained and recharges while tapping the brakes, thus requiring no plug-in.

Meaning of Plug in & Plug in Definition