Definition of Plot:

  1. A graph showing the relation between two variables.

  2. Devise the sequence of events in (a play, novel, movie, or similar work).

  3. Mark (a route or position) on a chart.

  4. A plan made in secret by a group of people to do something illegal or harmful.

  5. The main events of a play, novel, movie, or similar work, devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence.

  6. Measured parcel of land. See also plat.

  7. A small piece of ground marked out for a purpose such as building or gardening.

  8. Secretly make plans to carry out (an illegal or harmful action).

Synonyms of Plot

Piece of ground, Patch, Area, Location, Parcel, Tract, Allotment, Acreage, Plan, Scheme, Arrange, Organize, Lay, Hatch, Concoct, Devise, Frame, Think up, Dream up, Cook up, Brew, Conceive, Mark, Chart, Map, Indicate, Represent, Graph, Conspiracy, Intrigue, Secret plan, Secret scheme, Stratagem, Storyline, Story, Chain of events, Scenario, Action, Thread, Acreage, Acres, Action, Allotment, Anagnorisis, Angle, Anticipate, Approach, Architectonics, Architecture, Area, Argument, Arrange, Art, Artful dodge, Artifice, Atmosphere, Await, Background, Be destined, Be fated, Be imminent, Be to be, Be to come, Blind, Block, Blueprint, Brew, Brouillon, Cabal, Calculate, Cartoon, Catastrophe, Characterization, Chart, Chattels real, Chicanery, Clearing, Clos, Close, Cogitate, Collogue, Collude, Collusion, Color, Come, Come on, Complication, Complicity, Complot, Compute, Conceive, Concoct, Confederacy, Connivance, Connive, Conniving, Conspiracy, Conspire, Continuity, Contraption, Contrivance, Contrive, Contriving, Cook up, Copy, Corn field, Countermine, Counterplot, Coup, Covin, Craft, Croft, Cultivated land, Cute trick, Deceit, Deep-laid plot, Delineation, Demesne, Denouement, Depict, Design, Determine, Development, Device, Devise, Diagram, Dodge, Domain, Draft, Draw, Draw near, Draw on, Drawing, Dream up, Ebauche, Elevation, Enclave, Engineer, Engineering, Episode, Esquisse, Expect, Expedient, Fable, Fakement, Falling action, Feint, Fetch, Field, Figure, Finagle, Finagling, Find, Finesse, Fix, Foresee, Foretell, Forethink, Forty, Frame, Frame up, Frame-up, Gambit, Game, Gerrymander, Gimmick, Graph, Grift, Ground plan, Grounds, Hatch, Hatch a plot, Hatch up, Hayfield, Honor, Hope, House plan, Ichnography, Incident, Intrigue, Jockey, Jugglery, Knavery, Kraal, Land, Landed property, Lands, Lay, Lay a plot, Lay down, Lay off, Lay out, Lie ahead, Line, Little game, Local color, Look for, Look forward to, Loom, Lot, Lots, Machinate, Machination, Maneuver, Maneuvering, Manipulate, Manipulation, Manor, Map, Map out, Mark off, Mark out, Messuage, Mood, Motif, Move, Movement, Mythos, Near, Operate, Organize, Outline, Pack, Pack the deal, Paddy, Pale, Parcel, Parcel of land, Patch, Pattern, Peripeteia, Piece of land, Plan, Plat, Play games, Plot of ground, Plot out, Plotting, Ploy, Practice, Praedium, Prearrange, Preconcert, Preconsider, Precontrive, Predesign, Predetermine, Predict, Premeditate, Preorder, Preresolve, Profile, Project, Projection, Property, Prophesy, Pull strings, Quad, Quadrangle, Quadrat, Racket, Real estate, Real property, Realty, Recognition, Red herring, Rice paddy, Rig, Rigging, Rising action, Rough, Ruse, Scenario, Scheme, Schemery, Scheming, Secondary plot, Section, Set out, Set up, Sew up, Shift, Show, Skeleton, Sketch, Sketch out, Slant, Sleight, Square, Stack the cards, Story, Stratagem, Strategy, Structure, Subject, Subplot, Subterfuge, Switch, Table, Tactic, Tenements, Thematic development, Theme, Thread, Threaten, Toft, Tone, Topic, Tract, Trick, Trickery, Twist, Underplot, Wangle, Web of intrigue, Wheat field, Wile, Wily device, Wire-pulling, Work out beforehand, Working drawing

How to use Plot in a sentence?

  1. The two men are serving sentences for plotting a bomb campaign.
  2. Theres a plot to overthrow the government.
  3. The plot consists almost entirely of a man and woman falling in love.
  4. He started to plot lines of ancient sites.
  5. A vegetable plot.
  6. Interpreting that information is not like interpreting a simple plot or graph.
  7. She would plot a chapter as she drove.

Meaning of Plot & Plot Definition