What is The Definition of Plimsoll?

  1. He was named after businessman Samuel Pimsol. The International Cargo Line or water line indicates the maximum depth at the hull of each cargo vessel where a vessel can safely load cargo.

Meanings of Plimsoll

  1. Lightweight rubber canvas shoes used exclusively for sports.

Sentences of Plimsoll

  1. He is richer than 50 school classmates who have ever worn shoes and skirts.

Synonyms of Plimsoll

training shoe, running shoe, sports shoe, tennis shoe, plimsoll


What Does Plimsoll Mean?

  • Named after Merchant Samuel Plumsol. An international cargo line, or water line on the hull of any cargo ship, indicates the minimum depth at which the ship can be safely loaded.

Meanings of Plimsoll

  1. Lightweight canvas shoes with rubber soles are used especially for sports.