Plex Database Backup

Plex Database Backup

How do I move my Plex database?

| [HowTo] A complete guide to moving the Plex data folder in Windows
  1. Fine plexus.
  2. In Windows, go to the Services Control Panel and stop the Plex Update Service
  3. Copy this folder and all its contents to the new location.
  4. start the plexus.

How can I restore my Plex library?
  1. Stop the SPM.
  2. Give yourself permission to access the Plex share.
  3. Open it and go to the database directory.
  4. Move the existing one.
  5. Copy the backup to where it replaces the valid master database.
  6. Make sure the file belongs to plex: plex (very important with Synology)
  7. Start the SPM.

Where is the Plex plugins folder located? Plex plugins are available on the Plexforum and are easy to install. Download whatever you want and drag the .bundle file into the Plugins folder on the Plex server. If you are using it on Windows or macOS, you can find the folder by clicking on the icon in the system tray and selecting the Open Plugins folder.

So the question is, how do you get movies on Plex?

Here are seven steps to get your Plex working with the platform of your choice.
  1. Install the app.
  2. Run the program and launch your Plex account.
  3. Add your libraries.
  4. Identify your servers and enable remote access.
  5. Install your channels.
  6. Go to the next device.

  7. Regular!
What is a Plex server?Plex Media Server (also known as PMS or PMS Software) is the core component of Plex Media Server. Organize audio and video content from your personal media libraries and stream it to your player's colleagues, on the same computer, on the same local network, or on the Internet.

What is Plex Cloud?

The cloud-based media server introduced two years ago has been paired with Amazon's cloud storage, as well as GoogleDrive, Microsoft One Drive, and Dropbox. Users can save their online libraries for streaming to the Plex app on devices at home or on the go. The answer: a Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive, of course.

How do I change the name of my Plex server?

How to Rename Plex Media Center for EasyIdentification

What is Plex Metadata?

Metadata Agents. MetadataAgents (or simply agents) are the server component responsible for extracting information from the scanner and then responding to it to obtain extended metadata (plot summary, distribution, album art, album reviews, music, etc.). The multimedia library comes to life.

Delete files by deleting Plex library?

It is possible to delete an item directly from most Plex apps if you have enabled the option to do so. Be very careful when enabling and using this option. Warning! - Deleting an item in this way will immediately remove it from the library and associated media file.

How do I remove a film from Plex?

How can I delete video files on Plex? The Delete media from catalog option is not selected by default. To perform the actual deletion, select the individual movie or video. Left click (3 dots) to extract and select Delete.

How can I delete a library from Plex?

Deleting a library

Can I delete Plex?

To completely remove Plex Media Server from your Windows computer, first make sure Plex MediaServer is not running. Start an uninstall for Plex Media Server as usual via the Windows Control Panel. Delete the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePlex, Inc ..

How do I add a server to Plex?

Create a new library

Can I clear the Plex cache?

To clear the cache, simply delete the desired item folder. Tip: In most cases it will be easier to clear all cache folders and restart Plex Media Server. As always, it's a good idea to back up your data before making any changes.

How do I delete movies from Plex on my iPad?

How to remove synced content

How do I remove metadata from Plex?

To do this

Plex Database Backup