Definition of Pledge:

  1. Cash deposit or placing of owned property by a debtor (the pledger) to a creditor (the pledgee) as a security for a loan or obligation. The pledgee has an implied right to confiscate and/or sell the pledged property to satisfy his or her claim in case of a default.

  2. Property so deposited.

Synonyms of Pledge

Bible oath, Greek, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Affiliate, Agree, Amount due, Associate, Assurance, Assure, Avouch, Avouchment, Avow, Bad debts, Bail, Belonger, Bib, Bill, Bills, Bind, Bond, Booze, Borrowing, Bottomry, Brother, Card-carrier, Card-carrying member, Cardholder, Charges, Charter member, Cheer, Chip in, Chits, Clubber, Clubman, Clubwoman, Collateral, Commit, Committeeman, Comrade, Confide, Consign, Contract, Contribute, Contribute to, Conventioneer, Conventioner, Conventionist, Countersign, Covenant, Debt, Deposit, Dip, Donate to, Drain the cup, Drink, Drink in, Drink off, Drink to, Drink up, Due, Dues, Dues-paying member, Earnest, Earnest money, Engage, Enlistee, Enrollee, Entrust, Escrow, Extrajudicial oath, Faith, Fellow, Financial commitment, Floating debt, Fraternity man, Funded debt, Gage, Gift, Gift with, Give to, Go bail, Guarantee, Guaranty, Guildsman, Guzzle, Handsel, Health, Hock, Honorary member, Hostage, Hypothecate, Imbibe, Impignorate, Indebtedness, Indebtment, Initiate, Insider, Ironclad oath, Joiner, Judicial oath, Kick in, Liability, Life member, Loyalty oath, Mainprise, Make a promise, Make imperative, Make incumbent, Maturity, Member, Mortgage, National debt, Oath, Oath of allegiance, Oath of office, Obligate, Obligation, Oblige, Official oath, One of us, Outstanding debt, Parole, Pass, Pawn, Pignus, Plight, Pop, Post, Promise, Public debt, Pull, Put in hock, Put in pawn, Put up, Quaff, Recognizance, Replevin, Replevy, Require, Saddle with, Score, Security, Sip, Sister, Socius, Solemn declaration, Solemn oath, Sorority girl, Sorority woman, Spout, Stake, Subscribe, Suck, Suck in, Suckle, Sup, Surety, Swear, Sweeten the kitty, Swig, Swill, Test oath, Tie, Tipple, Toast, Token, Token payment, Toss down, Toss off, Tribute, Troth, Uncollectibles, Undertake, Undertaking, Underwrite, Unfulfilled pledge, Vadimonium, Vadium, Vouch, Vouchsafe, Vow, Warrant, Warranty, Wash down, Word, Word of honor

How to use Pledge in a sentence?

  1. I made a pledge that I would always put my wife over anything else, to ensure that she was happy and free.
  2. I had the gentleman verify his authenticity by making a pledge to us as we trusted him but needed verification.
  3. When you take out a loan you may have to put up something valuable to you as a pledge in case you cant pay it off.

Meaning of Pledge & Pledge Definition