Please Em Português

Please Em Português

Or what do you want to say in Portuguese? 3

English translation in our language

Please> Please

Esp has helped.

Please = let me read this so I don't forget

... or just: please pray to the Gentiles (thanks).

Official answer:

Please request an entry (request)

May I go to the beach, please?

May I go to the beach?

Please interj (anger) anger or please loc interj

Welcome! I'm tired of your ■■■■ today!

Welcome! I have endured a lot of insults myself!

Please vtr (to please) please please v int

Baby i just want to make you happy

My dear what do you like


it's a pleasure to meet you.

Happiness in the shell (a)

I can help you.

Esp tar help you.

You're out of friends! Please translate.

I get angry at people who don't answer the meaning of the word before or here. You want to know my daughter or what does that mean? Go to GOOGLE TRADUTOOOOR !!!!! Or if not use or good and good dictionary RIOOOOO !!!!!!

Please Em Português

Please Em Português

Please = please

You are welcome

I beg you

Google Translator, you know ...?

Please Em Português