Definition of Plea:

  1. Defendants answer to the opposing partys charges by pleading guilty, guilty and mentally ill, nolo contendere, not guilty, not guilty by reason of insanity, plea in bar, etc.

  2. A request made in an urgent and emotional manner.

  3. A formal statement by or on behalf of a defendant or prisoner, stating guilt or innocence in response to a charge, offering an allegation of fact, or claiming that a point of law should apply.

Synonyms of Plea

Adjuration, Alibi, Answer, Apology, Appeal, Application, Argument, Argumentum, Beseechment, Bid, Call, Case, Clamor, Cons, Consideration, Counterstatement, Cry, Defence, Defense, Demurrer, Denial, Elenchus, Entreaty, Exception, Excuse, Explanation, Extenuation, Ignoratio elenchi, Imploration, Imploring, Imprecation, Invocation, Invocatory plea, Justification, Mitigation, Objection, Obsecration, Obtestation, Out, Overture, Palliation, Petition, Plaidoyer, Pleading, Pleadings, Prayer, Pretext, Pros, Pros and cons, Reason, Rebuttal, Refutation, Reply, Request, Response, Right, Riposte, Rogation, Solicitation, Special demurrer, Special pleading, Statement of defense, Suit, Supplication, Talking point, Vindication, Appeal, Entreaty, Supplication, Petition, Prayer

How to use Plea in a sentence?

  1. He changed his plea to not guilty.
  2. He made a dramatic plea for disarmament.

Meaning of Plea & Plea Definition