Definition of Platykurtosis:

  1. Kurtosis is a statistical measure of the tails of a probability distribution. A normal distribution and other mesokurtic distributions have a kurtosis value of 3. Leptokurtic distributions have values significantly greater than 3, and platykurtic distributions have kurtosis values that are significantly lower than 3.

  2. See kurtosis.

  3. Platykurtosis is a statistical measure that refers to the extremity of the data of a probability distribution. A normal bell-shaped distribution is considered "mesokurtic." A distribution that has less extreme values than that is considered "platykurtic." A platykurtic distribution has "lighter tails" than a normal distribution, that is, few, if any, values at the extreme ends of the curve. A "leptokurtic" distribution, on the other hand, has more extreme data than the normal curve.

Meaning of Platykurtosis & Platykurtosis Definition