Definition of Platinum:

  1. Spanish general of the navy and scientist Antonio de Ulloa introduced platinum to Europe in 1735. Due to its silvery or white appearance, Ulloa named the metal plantina, which means little silver. Today, platinum is mined in South Africa, which accounts for roughly 80% of the world's production. Russia is the second-biggest producer. About half of the mined platinum goes into jewelry, where it is desirable because it looks silver in color but does not tarnish. Platinum is also stronger and more durable than gold.

  2. One of three precious metals. Out of the three, platinum is the strongest and has the longest shelf-life. The supply of platinum is very limited making it the most expensive and coveted metals. Platinum has a silver coloration and is tarnish resistant. Platinum is commonly used to craft fine jewelry.

  3. Platinum is a chemical element, precious metal, and commodity that manufacturers use primarily for jewelry, electronics, and automobiles. It appears on the periodic table of elements by the symbol Pt and atomic number 78. Platinum futures are commodities contracts traded on the CME's COMEX futures exchange (under symbol PL) and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange. It is also possible to invest in platinum by purchasing shares of an exchange-traded fund that specializes in the commodity.

  4. A precious silvery-white metal, the chemical element of atomic number 78. It was first encountered by the Spanish in South America in the 16th century, and is used in jewelry, electrical contacts, laboratory equipment, and industrial catalysts.The grayish-white or silvery color of platinum.

Synonyms of Platinum

Blond, Blonde, Yellow, Yellowish, Golden, Flaxen, Light, Light brown, Light-coloured, Strawberry blonde, Tow-coloured, Platinum, Ash blonde, Bleached, Bleached-blonde, Sun-bleached, Peroxide, Bottle-blonde

How to use Platinum in a sentence?

  1. Platinum is much stronger and rarer than gold.
  2. The price of platinum has been trending lower since the 2007-2008 financial crisis, as investors show greater interest in other metals like gold and South African mines have substantially increased production of platinum.
  3. Platinum is a metal used in jewelry, automobiles, and electronics.
  4. Fuel cells contain expensive precious metals like platinum and palladium, they have not been proven to work in extreme weather conditions and the nations gas stations would need to be reconfigured.
  5. Traders can buy and sell platinum futures, while investors can participate with ETFs that specialize in the commodity.

Meaning of Platinum & Platinum Definition