Plate Glass Coverage

Plate Glass Coverage,

Plate Glass Coverage means,

  • It provides special protection against war, nuclear response and fire hazards. (Building policy is on fire). This coverage covers the total cost of replacement and covers the cost of repairing the structure, installing temporary panels or closing the opening process.

Literal Meanings of Plate Glass Coverage


Meanings of Plate:
  1. Cover with another thin layer of metal or film (metal objects).

  2. Serve or arrange on one or more dishes before meals.

  3. Scoring a goal (one or more runs) causes (someone) to score a goal.

  4. Vaccines (infectious cells or substances) in a culture dish, primarily for the purpose of isolating a particular strain of microorganisms or estimating the number of viable cells.

  5. The flat plate is almost always made of round and porcelain, where food is served or served.

  6. Plates, bowls, cups and other utensils in gold, silver or other metals.

  7. Thin, flat sheet metal or metal strip or other material is commonly used to join or reinforce objects or to make machinery parts.

  8. Excellent, flat organic structures or configurations.

  9. Each of the many hard parts of the Earth's lithosphere that together form the Earth's surface.

  10. Sheet metal, plastic or other material that contains some kind of image or example for printing on multiple copies.

Sentences of Plate
  1. I had already taken this piece to the jewelry store for a bath

  2. Cooked vegetables do not feel happy no matter how they are served

  3. Matt Vagnat dealt with two of Clarkson's songs

  4. 2.5x10 cell samples from fast-growing cultures were also presented as control samples.

  5. Set aside the empty plate and take a sip of wine

  6. School board exhibition

Synonyms of Plate

pane, leaf, coat, sheet, plate up, give out, salver, bowl, dish, overlay, lamina, ladle out, layer, panel, laminate, cover, distribute, set out, spoon out, dish out, dish up, plate, platter, veneer, slab


Meanings of Glass:
  1. Cover with glass or all around.

  2. Scan with binoculars (especially when hunting) (around).

  3. Think like a mirror.

  4. A hard, easily brittle substance, usually transparent or translucent, is obtained by mixing sand with soda, lime and sometimes other ingredients and rapid cooling. It is used to make windows, cups and other items.

  5. Glass container for drinking.

  6. A lens or optical instrument that has one or more lenses, especially a magnifying glass.

Sentences of Glass
  1. This hostel has a long balcony, now it is shiny.

  2. I spent the first day looking out over the mountains

  3. A glass of beer

  4. This will allow you to learn as much as possible about the elements of the lens.

  5. Can't wait to get dressed and look in the mirror

Synonyms of Glass

looking glass, mirror


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. The degree to which something is related or applies to something else

Sentences of Coverage
  1. Grammar does not provide complete language coverage.