Definition of Plat:

  1. Plan out or make a map of (an area of land, especially a proposed site for construction).

  2. Plan or chart of a specific lot, plot, subdivision, community, or area showing boundary lines, buildings, easements, streets, and (if applicable) common areas.

  3. A plot of land.

Synonyms of Plat

Accordion pleat, Acres, Block, Box pleat, Chattels real, Clearing, Clos, Close, Corn field, Crease, Crimp, Crisp, Croft, Cultivated land, Demesne, Dog-ear, Domain, Double, Double over, Enclave, Enfold, Field, Flounce, Flute, Fold, Fold over, Forty, Frill, Gather, Grounds, Hayfield, Honor, Infold, Interfold, Knife pleat, Kraal, Land, Landed property, Lands, Lap over, Lot, Lots, Manor, Messuage, Paddy, Pale, Parcel, Parcel of land, Patch, Piece of land, Plait, Pleat, Plicate, Plot, Plot of ground, Ply, Praedium, Property, Quad, Quadrangle, Quadrat, Quill, Real estate, Real property, Realty, Rice paddy, Ruff, Ruffle, Section, Square, Tenements, Toft, Tract, Tuck, Turn over, Twill, Wheat field, Design, Draw up a plan of, Make a drawing of, Draw up a layout of, Sketch out, Make a map of, Map out, Make a representation of, Piece of ground, Patch, Area, Location, Parcel, Tract, Allotment, Acreage

How to use Plat in a sentence?

  1. They looked out over the plats of dark ground.
  2. He bought back the site, platted it, and named it after his realtor.

Meaning of Plat & Plat Definition