Definition of Plasticity:

  1. The quality of being easily shaped or molded.

  2. Property of material to be deformed repeatedly without rupture by the action of a force, and remain deformed after the force is removed.

Synonyms of Plasticity

Malleability, Softness, Pliancy, Pliability, Flexibility, Suppleness, Ductility, Adaptability, Adjustability, Agreeability, Agreeableness, Alterability, Amenability, Aptitude, Aptness, Bendability, Biddability, Brightness, Changeability, Changeableness, Changefulness, Cleverness, Compliableness, Docility, Ductibility, Ductility, Educability, Elasticity, Extendibility, Extensibility, Facility, Fictility, Flexibility, Flexility, Flexuousness, Fluidity, Formativeness, Give, Impermanence, Impressionability, Intelligence, Limberness, Litheness, Malleability, Mobility, Modifiability, Moldability, Motivation, Movability, Mutability, Nonuniformity, Permutability, Pliability, Pliancy, Quickness, Readiness, Receptiveness, Receptivity, Resilience, Responsiveness, Rubberiness, Sensibility, Sensitiveness, Sequacity, Servility, Springiness, Submissiveness, Subservience, Suppleness, Susceptibility, Teachability, Teachableness, Tensileness, Tensility, Tractability, Tractility, Trainableness, Transience, Transitoriness, Willingness, Willowiness, Yieldingness

How to use Plasticity in a sentence?

  1. Selection experiments have even targeted the degree of phenotypic plasticity of particular traits.

Meaning of Plasticity & Plasticity Definition