Plantar Feijão No Algodão

Plantar Feijão No Algodão

How to plant beans or not?

First you have to be with Amethyst or Ali or Cave. Then apply to the bottom of the glass (or a protein) which is lost as moist wool.

Add or shake your beans, fry, place the flakes in local lighting and do not let them dry. Always go to the cave site little by little.

In the beginning root appear in about 3 3 days and produce a little more and you have beans or will start.

Now be careful not to flood it, otherwise moisten it.

Movement position

More about beans or leaving there forever? When the beans reach a height of about 20 cm, the beans or peas burst, it is already mentioned to make a huge and nutritious reserve. It will continue without harming the body.

Oh, only you are looking for a place with land, your garden, grandparents' house, can not be in the neighbor's house (yes he allowed?)

Caverna do Buraco is 10 cm in diameter and 10 cm in length.

Water your beans well and after months it will be fun and big.

Embrace beans or hazelnuts and soak hazelnuts once a day.

Plantar Feijão No Algodão