Planta Podocarpo

Planta Podocarpo

Or what to do to win volume podocarp plants? ۔

The Plenty Podo Corpus has rented a wall, not a minha house, and it will be exactly the same as when I planted, a medium-height branch with some lateral branches), two different Podo Corpus From, we discovered a long-lost view of Minha City, which forms a real hedge. Or what should you do to make it bigger?

Here I found the information that is power.

Hello, maybe malnutrition. To solve the problem of easy pruning, store around the plants carefully, remove the soil, then add chicken or cow dung (1 kg per plant), about 300 grams of castor bean pie (if If you have animals, be careful when using. NO), apply 100 grams NPK 10.10.10 and 1 gram bead hummus on each plant. Water the plant before fertilizing and do not repeat or the process does not begin in the spring.

Of course terà podocarpus is sweet and strong.

Good type!

many years

That is the tail, there is no volume, there is a TV, etc.

Planta Podocarpo