Planta Onze Horas

Planta Onze Horas

Eleven rinsing?!? 3

OlÃâten a plant Eleven ras nca beautiful ... I would like to meet but again.

1) What is the flowering time from 11 runs to E date? (Example: Era stays open for 5 days and then dies)

2) I heard this beautiful plant standby test !!! How do you return?

3) Is this factory capable of producing multiple cores in one factory: right or wrong? For this reason?

4) I have two flowers of the plant. Eleven heads as (if possible) do jargan or manual or without bees or help (I do jargan) like?

5) If the flowers stay in the sun, will they wither (a neighbor told me)? How to make it more flowers?

6) How many days have passed (approximately how many days) since you have eaten without flowers?

Thank you very much for your reply. Plantinha Linda Eleven. Oh and you teach me to send a spoon, I can eat, I can send some pre-testing plants like me.

Flowers bloom more in the sun and last less time. In summer, such places open on New Year's Eve. If our girls give necklaces or roots, they can be cut and planted because these plants will also lose their bark. I've never been able to stick it and just put it in the fur. I know that if the flower dies and dries out, it's not the stem you put in it or it just blooms very carefully and You can wear it, but I've never done it. Not like a plant, but like a plant that maintains it. It takes about 5 days for the flowers to appear. I don't know how to do polishing or see manual n.Esp help.

Planta Onze Horas