Definition of Plant:

  1. Place (a seed, bulb, or plant) in the ground so that it can grow.

  2. A building capable of manufacturing goods of all sizes in large quantities to be sold by a business. Plants can be considered either a long term asset if owned by the firm, or both a long term liability if leased or rented.

  3. A living organism of the kind exemplified by trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns, and mosses, typically growing in a permanent site, absorbing water and inorganic substances through its roots, and synthesizing nutrients in its leaves by photosynthesis using the green pigment chlorophyll.

  4. A place where an industrial or manufacturing process takes place.

  5. A person placed in a group as a spy or informer.

  6. Place or fix in a specified position.

Synonyms of Plant

Sow, Scatter, Seed, Put in the ground, Factory, Works, Foundry, Mill, Workshop, Shop, Yard, Industrial unit, Business unit, Accouterments, Adulterate, Agent provocateur, Amphibian, Angiosperm, Annual, Apparatus, Appliances, Appointments, Appurtenances, Aquatic plant, Armament, Armory, Arsenal, Assembly line, Assembly plant, Assign, Atomic energy plant, Base, Bed, Biennial, Bindery, Boatyard, Boilery, Bookbindery, Bosom, Bottle up, Brewery, Brickyard, Broadcast, Build, Build in, Bury, Bush, Cache, Cannery, Capper, Clawed, Colonize, Come-on man, Conceal, Confirm, Conveniences, Cook, Cosmopolite, Cover, Creamery, Cutting, Dairy, Deciduous plant, Decoy, Deep-dye, Defense plant, Define, Denizen, Deposit, Dibble, Dicot, Dicotyledon, Disseminate, Distillery, Dockyard, Doctor, Drill, Duffel, Dust, Embed, Embosom, Empeople, Engraft, Engrave, Entomb, Entrench, Ephemeral, Equipage, Equipment, Establish, Etch, Evergreen, Exotic, Facilities, Facility, Factory, Factory belt, Factory district, Fake, Feeder plant, File and forget, Fittings, Fix, Fixtures, Flour mill, Flower, Flowering plant, Footed, Forest, Found, Foundry, Fungus, Furnishings, Furniture, Gametophyte, Gear, Ground, Gymnosperm, Herb, Hide, Hide away, Hoofed, Hydrophyte, Impact, Impedimenta, Implant, Impress, Imprint, Industrial park, Industrial zone, Infix, Informant, Informer, Ingrain, Inhabit, Inhume, Inject, Inscribe, Inseminate, Insinuate, Install, Installations, Inter, Introduce, Invest, Jam, Juggle, Keep hidden, Keep secret, Kit, Lay away, Lay the foundation, Load, Lock up, Lodge, Machinery, Main plant, Manipulate, Manufactory, Manufacturing plant, Manufacturing quarter, Materiel, Mill, Mint, Monocot, Monocotyl, Munition, Munitions, Munitions plant, Occult, Oil refinery, Outfit, Pack, Packing house, Paraphernalia, Pedal, People, Perennial, Pitch, Place, Plantar, Plumbing, Polycot, Polycotyl, Polycotyledon, Populate, Position, Pot, Pottery, Power plant, Print, Production line, Push-button plant, Put, Put away, Put in, Put up, Refinery, Reforest, Reset, Retimber, Retouch, Rig, Rigging, Root, Salt, Sawmill, Scatter, Scatter seed, Screen, Seal up, Seat, Secret agent, Secrete, Seed, Seed down, Seed plant, Seedling, Seminate, Set, Set in, Set out, Set up, Settle, Settle in, Shill, Shipyard, Shop, Shrub, Situate, Sophisticate, Sow, Sow broadcast, Spermatophyte, Sporophyte, Spy, Stack, Stamp, Stash, Station, Stereotype, Stock-in-trade, Stool pigeon, Stoolie, Store away, Stow away, Subassembly plant, Sugar refinery, Tackle, Taloned, Tamper with, Tannery, Thallophyte, Things, Toed, Tomb, Transplant, Tree, Triennial, Ungulate, Utensils, Vascular plant, Vegetable, Vest, Vine, Wedge, Weed, Winery, Works, Yard, Yards, Put, Place, Set, Position, Station, Situate, Settle, Stick, Fix, Herb, Flower, Vegetable, Shrub, Weed, Spy, Informant, Informer, Undercover agent, Secret agent, Agent, Mole, Infiltrator, Operative

How to use Plant in a sentence?

  1. The kids wanted to see where there favorite snacks ho-hos came from, so the school scheduled a trip to the ho-hos plant .
  2. It�s too bad Toyota has been losing money on its investments, because it had to close down the manufacturing plant and fire all the workers.
  3. The company has 30 plants in Mexico.
  4. My father worked at the local power plant and would get home late on weekdays because the boss would overwork him.
  5. Eventually, it melts to supply water and nutrients to plants and aquatic organisms.
  6. We planted a lot of fruit trees.
  7. She planted a kiss on his cheek.
  8. We thought he was a CIA plant spreading disinformation.

Meaning of Plant & Plant Definition