Plant Equipment

Plant Equipment,

Definition of Plant Equipment:

A simple definition of Plant Equipment is: Portable equipment (including equipment, machine tools, test equipment, furniture, vehicles and accessories and utensils used in the manufacture of goods, in the provision of services or for administrative or general purposes). Excludes special tools or special testing equipment (FAR 45101).

Literal Meanings of Plant Equipment


Meanings of Plant:
  1. Place them (seeds, bulbs or plants) in the ground for them to grow.

  2. Put it in a special position or fix it.

  3. Organisms from the genes of trees, shrubs, grasses, grasses, ferns and mussels, which usually grow in permanent places, absorb water and inorganic substances through their roots and through green synthesis with green pigment chlorophyll. Their leaves synthesize nutrients.

  4. A place where industrial or manufacturing processes take place.

  5. The individual was accepted into a group as a spy or informant.

Sentences of Plant
  1. We plant fruit trees

  2. He kissed her on the cheek

  3. It eventually melts in the supply of plants and aquatic organisms along with water and nutrients.

  4. The company has 30 factories in Mexico

  5. We thought it was a CIA factory that spread the word

Synonyms of Plant

workshop, herb, works, seed, position, place, yard, vegetable, business unit, operative, scatter, sow, agent, informer, shrub, infiltrator, weed, factory, foundry, undercover agent, stick


Meanings of Equipment:
  1. Items for certain uses. Are required.

Sentences of Equipment
  1. Office Equipment Supplier

Synonyms of Equipment

impedimenta, articles, appliances, apparatus, paraphernalia