Plan V Visa

Plan V Visa

Don't understand Visa V credit card package?


Plan V gives you the opportunity to review your account or choose any of the more convenient ways to pay in fixed installments by choosing a period.

If you are a bank member, you will see a similar caption below the card summary (rates may vary):

With a minimum deposit of Plan V: X, you can pay your Y fund balance in fixed installments:

3 installments $ a (fixed TNA: 41,450; TEA: 50,319 CFT: 63.48)

6 rate $ b (fixed TNA: 41,450; TEA: 50,319 CFT: 63.46 ٪)

12 installments $ c (fixed TNA: 41,450; TEA: 50,319 CFT: 63.48)

24 installments $ d (Fixed TNA: 41,450; TEA: 50,319 CFT: 63.46;)

Suppose you choose the first option (3 installments). In summary, you must say the minimum payment is X ،, and much more. In the next 3 rounds, you will probably calculate $ payable as if you made a purchase with that amount.

It has to do with a certain consumption. Example: You are going to dinner at an expensive place and paying with your card. Pack V allows you to pay for this purchase in installments.

Obviously, the cost is high and having an attachment will help you reduce your card debt burden.

In addition, it states that the card must be called and in normal condition (not default). You can do this by calling 08102222868 or by logging in to Visa Partners Option Plan V.

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Plan V Visa