Plan Name

Plan Name,

What is Plan Name?

A simple definition of Plan Name is: Name of the health program offered by the insurance company.

Literal Meanings of Plan Name


Meanings of Plan:
  1. Make up your mind and plan ahead.

  2. A project or plan (to create or create something)

  3. Detailed advice on what to do or get.

  4. Any intention or decision about what to do.

  5. A detailed map or diagram

Sentences of Plan
  1. They are planning a trip to Egypt

  2. They make gardens

  3. I have no plans to retire

Synonyms of Plan

concoct, fix up, organize, strategy, map out, design, schedule, prepare, devise, method, work out, game plan, formulate, stratagem, think out, make a representation of, ambition, develop, contrive, scheme, intention, make a map of, objective, line up, proposal, shape, outline, ploy


Meanings of Name:
  1. say it.

  2. Identify, suggest or decide according to your need (quantity, time or place).

  3. A word or phrase that refers to or refers to a famous person, animal, place or thing.

  4. A celebrity.

  5. (A person or commercial product) with a well-known name.

Sentences of Name
  1. Hundreds of diseases have not been isolated or designated

  2. Show image and name the prize

  3. My name is Parsons, John Parsons

  4. As always, the big race attracts big names

  5. Countless special brands adapted to the market

Synonyms of Name

label, celebrity, mogul, superstar, leading light, star, personage, celebutante, denomination, known as, tag, by the name of, important person, called, famous person, dignitary, big name, christened, luminary, title, person of note, honorific, baptized, designation, worthy, epithet, VIP, under the name of