Plain Language

Plain Language,

Plain Language Definition:

  • The definition of Plain Language is: Commonly represented by the Common Language Movement and the Common Language Information and Action Network (PLAIN), the common language was introduced in the late 20th century. There is a language that is very complex and / or includes tangled differences and abbreviations. Look at the dirt.

Literal Meanings of Plain Language


Meanings of Plain:
  1. Single (used for emphasis)

  2. Large flat land with a few trees.

  3. Not decorated with simple or common characters or cannot be explained.

  4. Unique or unusual or special.

  5. Easy to see or understand clearly.

  6. Not (by anyone) beautiful or attractive.

  7. Totally easy (used to emphasize)

  8. Name or relation of the type of stitch made by injecting in front of each stitch from left and right.

  9. Cry or regret

Sentences of Plain
  1. Coastal strip

  2. Easy delicious food

  3. Not a simple man

  4. The benefits are obvious

  5. Very simple gray haired woman

  6. The only real problem is fatigue

  7. It offers a variety of sewing programs with simple work, marking, sewing and embroidery, as well as reading and writing.

Synonyms of Plain

unlovely, striking, apparent, incontrovertibly, savannah, positively, unadorned, unaffected, sincere, as plain as a pikestaff, crystal clear, undeniably, recognizable, absolutely, self-evident, pasture, average, unpretentious, patent, utterly, steppe, detectable, distinct, indisputable


Meanings of Language:
  1. The basic method of human communication consists of words that are formed and used in the traditional way and are transmitted through speech, writing or gestures.

  2. A communication system used by a particular country or community.

  3. Letter or speech style.

Sentences of Language
  1. Study how children can learn languages

  2. The book has been translated into 25 languages

  3. He explained the procedure in simple everyday language.

Synonyms of Language

mother tongue, speech, vernacular, dialect, tongue, native tongue